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Cinderella's Closet of Monmouth County is dedicated to promoting self-esteem among young adults by providing less fortunate high school students in our community the opportunity to attend their prom in style. We seek to raise awareness of the socio-economic differences that exist in the local area, while advocating inclusiveness and diversity. The goal of Cinderella’s Closet of Monmouth County is to ensure that no high school student has to forfeit the lifelong memories associated with attending their prom due to financial hardship.


When we founded this organization ten years ago, we never could have dreamed that it would grow to the incredible size it is today. Cinderella’s Closet has been able to help hundreds of young women and men attend their prom without the financial burden to their families. We started this organization as a pair of high school students who wanted to help other high school students in our community. Choosing an important milestone in every teen’s life, like prom, meant that every high school student could relate to wanting to go prom regardless of their financial situation. Katie and I knew that this was a way that we could not only help our own peers, but also how we could facilitate other students to help their peers.

The spirit of this organization has grown from helping to lighten the financial burden of prom to really fostering higher self esteems in these students. The events capture the overwhelming positivity of the organization from volunteers gushing over how beautiful a dress looks on a student to the students being helped at the boutique signing up to volunteer to help the following year. Our organization is able to put smiles on the faces of parents and students going through hard times. It also empowers young men and women to step up and help their own peers. 

With families constantly being faced with a myriad of difficult events from hurricanes to recessions, it is our hope that Cinderella’s Closet can continue to ensure that these affected teens will have the opportunity to create those lifelong memories. 

The generosity of our volunteers and donors has enabled us to complete our mission to help underprivileged teens. Katie and I are truly grateful and humbled by the support of our volunteers, donors, and the community. It is with this support, hard work, and dedication that Cinderella’s Closet has been able to continue to grow and help the young men and women of Monmouth County. 


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